A note on storecupboard staples

Below is merely a guide and is what I always make sure to have in stock. Once the key ingredients are in all you need to do is shop for fresh produce; for me it depends on the season and what catches my eye in the butchers or fishmongers. I also grow herbs in the garden with the more woody herbs (rosemary, thyme and bay) available for most of the year. In the warmer weather the kitchen window fills with pots of basil, dill and sage.

Cupboard: spices, dried herbs, olive oil, groundnut oil, chick peas/Cannellini beans, tins of tomatoes, rice, pasta, mustard, passata, honey, flour, vinegars, dried fruits, stock cubes and a little stash of dark chocolate.

Veg Basket: onions, potatoes, garlic, chillies and peppers.

Fridge: butter, free range or organic eggs, milk, natural yoghurt, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, mayonnaise.

Freezer: frozen peas, breadcrumbs, puff and short-crust pastry, seafood and meat – usually bought when my butcher has a special offer and some frozen berries.

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