about gingergirl

My earliest memories are of standing in my Granny Burn’s giant larder, on my tip toes, reading the hand written labels on endless preserve jars; a colourful array of pickled fruits, jams and preserves taking pride of place.

Ever since then food has been my first love and my passion.

I was brought up in County Fermanagh, in a family (eleven children; I’m number seven) of food lovers, with parents who grow a wonderful range of organic produce. My dad milked cows (mum made rice pudding when there was a surplus of milk)and kept chickens, turkeys and a pig. My mother, Josie (the original gingergirl!) has always made her own bread (we call it ‘fadge’), rhubarb tarts, apple tarts,treacle bread, boiled cakes, jams, chutney’s, shortbread, scones…the list is endless!

With a background in brand marketing and sales, I decided step away from the safety net of my ’9-5’ to make my love of food my livelihood and I’m thrilled to say that I have never looked back!

I am a member of the Slow Food Movement and a great believer in using seasonal produce, sourced locally or organically.

With the wonderful produce each season brings, I am always working on new recipes, so you see new additions to my range all the time!